Nobody is perfect, and that’s actually great! What an unexciting world it would be if there was never anything to worry about. But there are some habits that we have that can actually be detrimental to our health.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to rethink harmful habits and replace them with something healthier! Why not start the new year with some positive changes in your life?

7. Candles

7 Modern Bad Habits You May Want to Quit to Improve Your Life

Scientists at SC State University have shown that some types of candles are harmful to health, especially candles made from paraffin wax, which is an oily product.

They contain chemicals such as alkenes, alkanes, acrolein, toluene, naphthalene, formaldehyde and can cause allergies, asthma, and even cancer.

Additionally, candle wicks may contain lead, which can lead to poisoning. Fortunately, most manufacturers now use zinc, cotton, or synthetic fibers, which are much safer.

If you love candles and can’t live without them, choose ones made from natural beeswax, honeycomb, or soy. They are made from natural ingredients and are harmless.

To make them fragrant, add several drops of your favorite essential oils before lighting them.

6. Frequent Showering

7 Modern Bad Habits You May Want to Quit to Improve Your Life

We used to think that the more we shower, the healthier we are. Surprisingly, scientists have proven this to be a myth.

Showering too often can ruin your microbiome, the microorganisms that live in your body, which can lead to problems with your immune system, digestion, etc.

The soaps, shower gel, and shampoos you use simply destroy your body’s ecosystem. Showering too often can even lead to the appearance of acne.

James Hamblin of The Atlantic says that in his own experience, the horrible smell during the first few weeks after you stop showering is actually the result of a damaged microbiome.

When your body adjusts, you smell much better, like a person rather than a perfume.

However, despite the benefits described by Hamblin, few of us are willing to give up showering entirely. So limiting your baths to once a day or every other day is a great place to start.

5. Skinny Jeans

It is true that skinny jeans make you look beautiful. Unfortunately, they are not as safe as you might think.

Scientists warn that wearing tight jeans can worsen some health conditions, such as compartment syndromemeralgia paresthetica (pain and numbness in the thighs), and heartburn.

Although the risks are low, prevention is better than cure. So don’t wear skinny jeans if you know you’re going to be moving around a lot.

4. Cell Phone Addiction

7 Modern Bad Habits You May Want to Quit to Improve Your Life

Cell phone addiction has gone so far that it is actually causing new diseases. For example, “text neck” syndrome occurs when looking at the phone and is characterized by pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Common illnesses, such as anxiety about receiving fewer messages or updates on social media, and obesity are also on the list of negative effects.

However, there are other dangers. One study found that pedestrians who text while crossing the street are four times more distracted, meaning they ignore traffic lights and create dangerous situations for drivers, themselves, and other pedestrians.

Additionally, blue light from screens disrupts the production of melatonin that regulates sleep and can even damage your central vision.

So the next time you unconsciously pick up the phone, take a second to think about whether or not you really need to check the phone right away.

3. Crossing Your Legs

7 Modern Bad Habits You May Want to Quit to Improve Your Life

Cross-legged is one of the most favorite and convenient sitting positions for women. There are many myths on the internet about it, so it is difficult to say what is really harmful and what is not.

Crossing your legs can lead to poor posture. It can also cause pain in the shoulder and neck. Sitting cross-legged can cause temporary side effects, such as numbness and increased blood pressure.

However, the most dangerous consequence of sitting cross-legged is deep vein thrombosis or DVT. It can cause serious and even chronic health problems. To avoid this, move more, exercise, and don’t wear tight clothing.

2. Sedentary Lifestyle

7 Modern Bad Habits You May Want to Quit to Improve Your Life

We all know that life is movement. However, some people still choose to relax in front of the television instead of leaving the house.

A study has shown that watching too much television and playing games can cause muscle stiffness, scapular dislocation, and an increased risk of epileptic seizures due to fatigue and lack of sleep.

Lack of activity has also been found to lead to brittle bones. This is because our body needs to feel its own weight to develop strong bones, and this returns us to the need for movement. So call your friends and go for a walk.

1. Sleep Deprivation

7 Modern Bad Habits You May Want to Quit to Improve Your Life

Ever since we were kids, our parents have always told us that we should sleep well. It is healthy, pleasant and our body needs rest. However, we still don’t realize all the dangers of lack of sleep.

It lowers concentration and dulls the sense of balance, increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Some studies suggest that it can even cause breast cancer.

However, we still believe that a few hours of sleep here and there is enough for us and we tend to look beyond the danger we pose.

In 2013, drowsy drivers caused 72,000 car accidents and unofficial statistics say that around 6,000 cases turn fatal each year.

What event was the most surprising? What other harmful habits do you know? Are you used to doing any of the things mentioned above? Share your habits with us!