We all remember the times when we were very young and hated sleeping, while nowadays we love it and can’t get enough of it. However, due to things like stress and adulthood, not everyone can get enough sleep.

The good news is that it can be fixed! A University of Colorado study found that people who spent the night in a tent slept an average of 10 hours and went to bed 2 hours earlier than they would’ve at home.

We ready to give you 6 reasons why you should try sleeping outside, and you can thank us later!

Is It Better To Sleep With Fresh Air?

6. You Are Exposed To Natural Light

According to a University of Colorado study, exposing yourself to natural light will reset and adjust your biological clock.

If you want your sleepless nights to end,  you should consider sleeping outside away from technology.

5. Your Melatonin Levels Change

What Happen to Your Body When You Sleep in the Open Air
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This study suggests that artificial light from your smartphone or computer may lower your melatonin levels, affecting the quality of your sleep.

That is why we should try to sleep outdoors as much as possible.

4. Your Immunity Levels Increase

What Happen to Your Body When You Sleep in the Open Air
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A study in Japan showed that spending approximately 2 hours a day in the forest has many benefits for us. Benefits such as lower blood pressure, low cortisol concentration, lower pulses, and higher levels of white blood cells.

The Japanese describe this as forest-bathing, which means that when we spend time in the forests, the chemical emitted by the trees also protects us.

Plus, even a night’s sleep outdoors can boost our immune activity for at least a week!

3. Your Brain And Bodily Functions Improve

What Happen to Your Body When You Sleep in the Open Air
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Our brain uses a large amount of oxygen to function as it should, and so do our muscles. It is no secret that the better the oxygen we breathe, the better for us.

Therefore, sleeping outdoors is not only a relaxing and technology-free experience, it will also be good for your body and brain!

2. Your Stress Levels Go Down

What Happen to Your Body When You Sleep in the Open Air
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Yes, this is a big problem! With the way we live, there is a good chance that most of us are very stressed.

A study shows that even looking at a picture of a tree will reduce your stress, and looking at a real tree will be even more beneficial to our mental health. Not only that, but the sounds from outside also calm us down and have calming qualities.

So, if you don’t mind the occasional animal sounds, we’re sure sleeping out is one of the most relaxing things you’ve done in a while!

1. There Is No More Stale Air To Breathe In

What Happen to Your Body When You Sleep in the Open Air
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According to studies, if you work in an office or spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned place without adequate ventilation, your CO2 levels are likely to be high, which clouds your brain, making you less productive, and causing headaches. . . and respiratory problems.

Are you struggling with a work project that is coming soon? Take a nap outside to get rid of all that addicted air in your brain!

Do you sleep outdoors? Share your experiences with us and the rest of the readers, so that we can inspire more people to experience the benefits of this.