7 Coolest Things Show Our Body Is the Most Complex System in the World

Our body is made up of many puzzle pieces: different systems and subsystems that protect us, enable certain abilities and help us survive life-threatening situations.

These are the most unique, elaborate, and incredible inventions that nature has created. Try to analyze these common things from an unusual angle to understand what we are talking about.

We will show you some amazing phenomena that occur in our body.

Coolest Things About The Human Body

7. Our Tongue Performs Unbelievable Pirouettes While We Speak

8 Coolest Things Show Our Body Is the Most Complex System in the World
Image Source: freepik.com

Our speech would be less diverse without our language. The tongue is the most mobile and flexible muscle in the human body. It can be converted into different shapes and is attached to one side only.

6. Our Skin Is Really Elastic

8 Coolest Things Show Our Body Is the Most Complex System in the World
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An inch of skin can be stretched 2-3 times its size, but there are also exceptions to the rule.

Gary Turner, from Great Britain, is a person with the most elastic skin in the world. Its skin is so loose that it can stretch 15 cm.

This characteristic occurs in one in 10,000 people.

5. We Have Several Types Of Tears

8 Coolest Things Show Our Body Is the Most Complex System in the World
© Rose-Lynn Fisher

Humans have three types of tears that are different in chemical composition and appear in different situations.

  • Basal tears are tears that constantly discharge and keep our eyes moist.
  • Reflex tears appear due to irritation. For example, when you cut the onion or when smoke gets on your face.
  • Emotional tears appear when your team wins an important game or when you break up with your beloved. Although it looks like the same type of tears, they all look different under a microscope.

4. Your Iris Is A Bundle Of Small And Spooky Muscles

8 Coolest Things Show Our Body Is the Most Complex System in the World
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The iris looks like a spider web around a black hole under a microscope. In fact, this network is a group of muscles that is not covered by a membrane.

These muscles can also tire, that’s why our light reactions are slower at the end of a workday.

3. We Used To Look Like Small Aliens

Scientists say that a human being goes through all stages of evolution while in the womb. That is why we all have tails, gills, and webbed fingers. You may have heard of it, but you’ve probably never seen it.

2. Your Teeth Are Covered With A Civilization Of Bacteria

8 Coolest Things Show Our Body Is the Most Complex System in the World
© depositphotos© Steve Gschmeissner/Science Photo Library

We all know that dental plaque exists, but we don’t know what it really is. They are bacteria (which look like chewing gum in the photo) that produce a pink substance that is an acid.

In the first hours, it is neutralized with saliva, the plaque becomes thicker, our saliva cannot enter, and the acid begins to dissolve the tooth enamel. And that is what leads to tooth decay.

1. We Do Have An Aura

The method that can photograph the flow of invisible gases, particles and steam produced by our bodies is called Schlieren photography.

In other words, we can see a kind of shell around us and, if we take a look, we will see a mixture of odors and particles. Each person’s “shell” is unique.

Do you know of any other amazing facts to add to this list?

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